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Garage Door Maintenance Guide

A garage door is an essential part of any home that provides security and convenience. However, like any other automated device, a garage door also requires regular maintenance to function correctly and last longer. A periodical professional inspection from Garage Door Maintenance near Elk City, OK company can be very fruitful as well.

Finding the best garage door maintenance tips can be a game changer, and in this blog, we will explore how you can care for your garage door. We will assess the various methods which you can do yourself and when and how you should get professional help.

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What maintenance does a garage door need?

Garage Door Maintenance

It’s essential to maintain your garage door regularly to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Among the numerous garage door maintenance tips, some simple methods can help you prevent significant damage. Here are some maintenance tasks that your garage door maintenance checklist must include:

  • Lubrication: One of the fundamental garage door maintenance jobs is lubrication. To reduce friction and wear and tear, lubrication is necessary for the door’s moving components, including the sliders, joints, springs, and tracks. Regular lubrication of these parts using a silicone-based lubricant is advised.
  • Inspections: To find any wear and tear or damage, the garage door needs to be inspected frequently. Examine the rubber gaskets to make sure they are in good shape, and look for any cracks, gashes, or splits. Additionally, make sure the door is balanced and moving quickly.
  • Brush the tracks: Clean and disinfect the bearings on your garage door to get rid of any filth or particles that could damage the door. The easiest technique to fully clean the tracks is to use a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush.
  • Inspect the hardware: Screws, nuts, and other physical hardware of the garage door may become loose over time as a result of movement and continuous operation. To ensure that the door operates appropriately, inspect it for any loose hardware and tighten it.
  • Replace or repair broken or malfunctioning parts: Replace any broken rolls, axles, connections, or other components of your garage door right away. This guarantees that the door operates without difficulty and stops further harm or mishaps.
  • Inspect the safety features: To avoid accidents, your garage door incorporates safety features, including an auto-reverse function. To make sure they are operating correctly, test these features at least once every month.
  • Maintain the opener: An integral component of the door, the garage door opener needs routine maintenance to function correctly. Regularly check the safety features, lubricate the working parts of the opener, and change the batteries in the remote control.
  • Adjust the tension: Especially if the door is unbalanced, the strain on the garage door springs may need to be adjusted over time. To adjust the tension and avoid accidents, use a qualified garage door technician.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your garage door operates smoothly and lasts longer. By performing the above-mentioned checks, you can maintain your garage door’s optimal performance, prevent accidents, and save on expensive repairs.

If you’re unsure how to perform any of these tasks or notice any significant issues with your garage door, it’s best to hire a Garage Door Maintenance near Elk City, OK, professional to assess and repair it.

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

The frequency of garage door maintenance can vary based on several factors, such as usage, age, and weather conditions. As a rule, it is advised to perform maintenance on your garage door at least once a year. However, you may need to perform maintenance more frequently if your door is used heavily or if you reside in a region with extreme weather conditions.

Create a garage door maintenance checklist after consulting a professional service and learning about how often you must perform checks. It is also advisable to learn about the best ways and precautions to follow while conducting regular maintenance work before you start implementing any steps.

How often should a garage door be lubricated?

Lubrication is among the most crucial aspects of garage door maintenance, as it helps keep the door’s moving parts functioning smoothly and quietly. The frequency of lubrication can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of door, the climate, and the level of use. However, as a general guideline, it’s recommended that garage doors be lubricated at least twice a year.

Some of the moving parts of a garage door that should be lubricated regularly include the following:

  • Rollers: Rollers help the garage door move up and down along the tracks. They should be lubricated at least twice a year to prevent them from wearing out, causing the door to get stuck, or creating a noisy operation.
  • Hinges: Hinges attach to the garage door sections, and they should be lubricated to prevent wear and tear that can cause damage to the door. Lubricating the hinges can also help reduce the noise level when the door opens or closes.
  • Springs: Garage door springs balance the weight of the door and provide the power to lift it. They should be lubricated to prevent rust and corrosion and to keep them working smoothly. Proper lubrication can also extend their lifespan.
  • Tracks: The tracks guide the garage door as it opens and closes, and they should be lubricated to prevent friction that can wear out the rollers and cause the door to stick or come off track.

It’s essential to use the proper lubricant for garage doors to ensure the best performance. The best lubricant for a garage door is a silicone-based lubricant, as it repels dirt and moisture, dries out slowly, and is long-lasting. Avoid using oil-based lubricants as they can attract dust and dirt, which can cause the parts to become sticky over time.

Proper lubrication of the door’s moving parts helps prevent damage, extends their lifespan, and reduces noise levels. It’s also essential to use a suitable lubricant for a garage door to achieve the best results.

How do I service my garage door?

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently. If you are noticing some damage or issues with your garage door, you will need to fix it quickly. While some problems can be resolved yourself, others would require professional intervention. Some steps you can take to service your garage door include:

  • Inspect your garage door regularly: Start by visually inspecting your garage door at least once a month. Look for any indications of wear and tear, cracks, worn-out weatherstripping, bent tracks, dents, or scratches. Also, check if the door is balanced and operating smoothly, and check the cables and springs for any signs of wear and tear, rust, or corrosion.
  • Clean the door: Clean the door thoroughly using mild detergent and water to remove dirt, debris, and grime from the surface of the door. Also, clean the tracks of your garage door regularly to prevent any dirt or debris from accumulating. Use a cloth or a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from the tracks.
  • Lubricate the moving parts: Lubricate the moving parts of your garage door regularly to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the moving parts of the door, such as the rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks. This will also help prevent rust and keep the door operating smoothly.
  • Check the weatherstripping: Check the weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door to ensure it is in good condition. Replace it if it is worn or damaged to prevent drafts and water from entering your garage.
  • Check the balance: Test the balance of the garage door by disconnecting the opener and manually opening and closing the door. The door should open and close smoothly and remain stationary when opened halfway. If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the spring tension.
  • Check the safety features: Test the safety features of the garage door, such as the auto-reverse mechanism, photo-eye sensors, and safety edge, to ensure that they’re working correctly. These features help to prevent accidents. Test these safety features at least once a month to ensure they are functioning correctly. If any of the safety features are not working correctly, you should call a professional to fix them.
  • Tighten loose hardware: Your garage door’s hardware may become loose over time due to constant use and vibration. Check the hardware on the door, such as bolts, nuts, and screws, to ensure that they’re tight. If any hardware is loose, tighten it using a wrench.
  • Replace damaged parts: If you notice any damaged parts on your garage door, such as springs, cables, or rollers, replace them immediately to prevent further damage or accidents. Do not attempt to repair or replace garage door parts yourself. Consult a professional service to repair or replace the damaged parts.
  • Call for professional service: If you’re not comfortable performing garage door maintenance or repairs yourself, call a professional garage door technician. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to inspect, maintain and repair your garage door safely and efficiently.

Regular maintenance of a garage door can help prevent costly repairs, extend the lifespan of the door, and ensure it operates smoothly and safely. By following the above-mentioned garage door maintenance tips and servicing the garage door regularly, you can keep it in flawless working condition for years to come.

How much does it cost to maintain a garage door?

The cost of maintaining a garage door can vary depending on the type of door, the level of maintenance required, and the cost of labor in your area. Generally, the cost of care is much less expensive than the cost of repairing or replacing a garage door that hasn’t been adequately maintained. However, some of the costs which can be associated with garage door maintenance include the following:

  • Professional maintenance services: The cost of hiring an experienced Garage Door Maintenance near Elk City, OK technician to perform routine maintenance on your door can vary depending on your location, the level of maintenance required, and the company you choose.

However, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a professional maintenance service, which typically includes cleaning and lubricating the door’s moving parts, inspecting the door for damage or wear, and testing the door’s safety features.

  • Replacement parts: If any parts of your garage door need to be replaced, the cost can vary depending on the type of part and the brand of door. For example, replacement rollers can cost between $5 and $20 per roller, while a new garage door opener can cost between $150 and $500.

The cost of replacement parts can add up quickly, so it’s essential to maintain your door regularly to avoid costly repairs.

  • Lubricant: The cost of lubricant for your garage door can range from $5 to $20, depending on the type of lubricant you choose. A silicone-based lubricant is the best choice for garage doors, as it repels dirt and moisture, dries out slowly, and is long-lasting.

Avoid using oil-based lubricants, as they can attract dust and dirt, which can cause the parts to become sticky over time.

  • Tools: If you choose to perform maintenance on your garage door yourself, you’ll need to invest in some essential tools, such as a socket set, pliers, and a wrench. The cost of these tools can vary depending on their quality and where you purchase them.
  • Time: The time it takes to perform maintenance on your garage door is also a cost to consider. Depending on the level of maintenance required, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to clean and lubricate the door, inspect it for damage, and test its safety features.
Garage Door Service near Elk City, OK

Garage doors require regular maintenance, and the inability to do so can lead to costly replacements and repairs. If you do not have time to maintain your garage door, fret not. We at Great Plains Garage Door will make your job easier. Reach out to us today, and one of our experts will visit you and complete the maintenance tasks while you check off things from your to-do list.

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