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Is Your Garage Door Opener Not Working

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Garage Door Repair or Replacement

Garage door openers and garage door opener repairs

If you own an automatic garage door gate opener then these are the reasons why it has stopped working.

  1. Automatic Gate opener contains photo eyes which detect obstacles. If these eyes get dirty then they falsely detect obstacles.  Getting them cleaned by a trained professional is a long term solution.


  2. Have you checked the batteries? Dead batteries may be the reason your Automatic Gate opener doesn’t work. If it’s not the batteries then it may be faulty transmitters! Buy a new one it’s easily available online.


  3. Does your garage door has dents, bends or substantial amounts of dirt? The door rollers cannot get through when the tracks are damaged.


  4. If your garage door is old then there are high chances that are its springs have been overstretched or broken. The garage doors are heavy and it will be immobilized if the springs are broken or overly-stretched as they can’t lift the door without them.


  5. Most automatic door openers have a manual switch which allows it to disconnect in case of power failure. If this switch is broken by a car crash or some other accident then the car door gets immobilized. Also, it’s a common mistake that you might have forgotten to re-engage the automatic door opener after the power failure.

If you have tried these methods and none of them work it’s better to call for technical help. It would be much safer and secure. Moreover, you would not have to worry about it in the future. 

High-Quality Craftsmanship for an Affordable Price

We offer automatic gate operator packages, ranch-style utility gate packages, solar and electric gate operators, as well as a vast selection of access control accessories.

Are wondering which are the best garage repair technicians?

Then the Door Power in Chanhassen, Minnesota is always my recommendation. They have a staff of four full-time technicians with more than 60 years of combined experience. These technicians are in an expert for residential or commercial garage door maintenance or immobilization problem or get an entirely new customized design suitable to your house’s ambiance. They do it at a fair price Also, it’s comparatively inexpensive as they don’t use subcontractors!

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